Ways you can promote your business

Business promotion is one of the essential way of making a success out of business, a cliche in Nigeria says that, ‘a business outfit that is not advertised will fold up one day and the business will need an advertisement to sell the business to the prospective buyer’, this means that business promotion is not avoidable.

1 Media advertisement: A business outfit can place an advert on the electronic media like the Radio or the TV, the Print media and the billboard, this will reach a wider group of people than most other means of promotion.

2 Handbill: A business owner can also print handbills, leaflet and fliers to promote their business, this allows personal contact with the people and its allows you to give clearer and detail explanation about the questions of the customer.

3 Oral publicity: This is by spreading the news about the business by speaking publicly to the people, you might use megaphone, and you might not. In this kind of promotion, you can take the product along to be sold on the spot to the prospective customer

4 Social media: This is advertisement through the social media using the Twitter, the Facebook, Instagram and others to promote the business, this allows graphical representation of the business and it can spread very fast beyond any forms of media.

5 Blogging: This is by creating a website exclusively for the promotion of the business, the blog also have to be promoted, but it has the capacity to explain and advertise the business elaborately to the visitor to the blog and it creates the space for contact from the customer to the business owner.
There is no such thing as a bad business, the only thing that exist is the problem of poor advertisement and promotion of business, there are so many examples of businesses that were never known before but that were transformed into a global brand by advertisement and promotion. Every business owner should make the effort to promote their business

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