Easy goal to set for yourself this year

You should have a new year resolution, though a lots of people are making fun of the idea, and that is because many people made resolution every year without achieving them, it is only few people that manage to achieve a small fraction of their resolution for the year. But there are certain goal that you can set for yourself and you will achieve them.

1. Have an online presence: You can have an online presence by contracting professional HR personnel to help you to put together online profile, when people search for you or the people in the your career you will be found, you should also make a business card. This contact must include your name, what you do, contact address.

2. Create a website: Don’t just have an online presence, but build a website where you can upload great content and promote it with social media in other to gather followers.If you cannot create the website on your own get somebody to do it for you, and every material that you work on you can upload it on your website

3. Start a business: It is time to decide on the kind of business that you want to do and start it, if you have already gotten a business idea, you can go ahead to start the business, do whatever it takes to sustain the business.

4.Be productive: This means that you should improve on your performance at work, or if you are already doing your business, you can decide to be more effective, this can be in the area of output, meeting deadline, customer satisfaction, improve quality of your product and in other areas of productivity

5.Certification and degree: If getting a degree will fetch you promotion or it will validate you as authority in your career, you must set the goal to go and get a degree or a professional certificate this year, you must do everything to set aside the fund to do that and be ready to study hard and undergo every necessary training. This year, set your goal and break them into short and long term segment, then have a parameter to monitor your progress at various stages of the year, have a reward ready for every little advancement you made towards achieving these goals, and have a strict measure to help you to stay focus as you pursue this goals.

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