Jobs for people with disability

The growing problem of unemployment in Nigeria has made the employers of labour to step up the requirement for vacancy beyond the reach of average individuals, moreso, creating a room for job racketeering that is beyond the control of the government in the country, this had made things tough for the people with disability to get job, but these are some of the easy job for them.

1) Working in specialized institution: There are many specialized educational institutions for training of various types of disability at the 36 states and federal levels in Nigeria, this should be the first point of call for the people with disability that has any level of disability.

2) Counselor: This job is about giving advice to people that are confused, distressed that needs direction for their lives, the job is good and appropriate for most types of disability, and the fact that you are disabled will give you added advantage because of the ability to rise above your challenge. Your situation is a selling point to anybody that seeks counsel from you

3) Writer: People with disability can take up all kinds of jobs that relates with writing, like creative, academic, freelance, copywriting etc. It does not require much physical efforts but it requires mental ability and passion.

4) Blogging: This is by getting a website and loading it with good content, you can make money from Blogging by placing advert on your blog, by marketing your products, instructional material, and by serving as a referral.

5) Motivational speakers: This job involved speaking to people to motivate and to inspire them to become better in life. Due to the increasing challenge of modern time this job is very lucrative, and it is something that people with disability can do.
There are many jobs for people with disability, they might need to get trained to get some while others might not require any training at all. Other common jobs for the people with disability are cobbler, retailing, Office assistance etc

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