How to manage working time

Time management is one of the problem of the workplace, many honest people finds it very difficult to accomplish half of what they set out to do in a day, the accumulation of this uncompleted project leads to job crisis and confusion for many, there are methods you can adopt to manage your time.

1 Set achievable goal: As a worker you might be faced with the challenge to want to put too many things in the your work plan for the day, this will even make it more difficult for you to accomplish much, rather, arrange what you have to do within a reasonable limit using your productivity as the basis and be focused on the plan.

2 Use the best method: Have a working method, by practice, try to discover the best method that makes you more productive, For you, doing the hard part first might be working well, and it might be doing the hard part later that is the best method, find any method that makes you very effective and continue to get better at it.

3 Set a time limit: Have a deadline, break down everything that you have to do in a day and allocate time to each of them, this will help you to measure your progress, if you discover that you can do more for the day, please don’t hesitate to do it and where you are behind schedule, fast track the process.

4 Be accountable: Everybody tends to be slacked if the opportunity presents itself, that is why you must be accountable to somebody, or be accountable to something, this will help you to put pressure on yourself and your time to be effective, but if there is nobody to ask you question about your performance and functionality and you are free to do as you like, time management will not work for you.

5 Remove every distraction: There are things that can easily take our mind away from whatever we are doing, any serious minded fellow will decide to find a way to overcome them, you can keep your phone at home, you can refuse to see any visitor, you can refuse to receive any call in other to make the best use of your time.
Making effective use of your time is simple as it has been discussed above, all that is needed is the commitment to the process, and be determined to make something tangible from your daily job.

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